10 Jun 2024 - 12 Jun 2024
Peru, Tanzania, Sweden + Online


The unfolding and entwined social-ecological crises make the challenge of how to move towards more plural and just futures more pressing than ever. Political ecology provides an important toolbox to explore the unjust and colonial power relations that condition global flows of material resources, money, ideas and people. Yet, the field itself is shaped by inequalities when it comes to the engagement of researchers from different locations, the distribution of research resources and how different ways of knowing and being are circulated, represented and recognized.

POLLEN24 aims to provide a platform to discuss these and other issues by organizing a distributed, yet connected, conference with physical hubs in Peru, Tanzania and Sweden. With its cross-continental format, it seeks to facilitate inclusive and participatory exchange on the role of political ecology in nurturing plural and just socio-ecological futures.

Learn more about the preliminary programme, hosts and venues here.