Transformative change: idealistic utopia or the only way to go?

16 Oct 2023
Omnia, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Biodiversity is declining at unprecedented rates, which will lead to significant consequences at a global scale. There is a widespread agreement among science and policy communities that conventional policies will not be enough to halt biodiversity loss or curb climate change.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Date Mon 16 October 2023 12:00 to 13:00
Venue Omnia
Room Momentum 1, 2, 3

Key Presentation:

  • Francisco Alpízar, Chair and Professor of the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Group - WUR


  • Jeanne Nel, Lead of the Biodiverse Environment Programme - WUR
  • Verina Ingram, Associate professor, Forest and Nature Conservation Policy & Senior researcher WEcR - WUR

More urgent and ambitious ‘transformative changes’ are needed to the ways in which we live, and the ways in which our economies and societies use and relate to nature and natural resources. Transformative change focuses on the fundamental system-wide restructuring of the root causes to sustainability challenges, which are underpinned by complex social paradigms, values and behaviours.