Photo: Wageningen University & Research

Co-creating transformative pathways for a thriving society and nature: WUR feature

31 May 2023

In a recent article titled “Co-creating transformative pathways for a thriving society and nature” project partner and coordinator Wageningen University & Research features an extensive overview of the TRANSPATH project and its purpose.

A discussion between Dr. Enrique Ibarra from the Costa Rican research organisation Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre (CATIE) and Dr. Jeanne Nel from Wageningen University & Research shed light on the importance of research, their approach, and the art of looking beyond one's own paradigm.

Enrique and Jeanne also explore the topics of:

  • The global impact of EU policies;
  • The idea of transformative change;
  • The role of organisations, communities and the financial market;
  • The measures we need to take to move towards futures where nature and society live in harmony.

Together with CATIE, WUR coordinates the TRANSPATH project. Wageningen University (WU) is one of the top European Life Science Universities and is particularly strong in agriculture and biodiversity research and applied research to underpin management and policy. Research and education of WU are based on a fundamental scientific approach, but strongly geared towards application in practice. WU has a long tradition of both participating and coordinating large-scale national and international research projects and programs funded by organisations such as the national government, EC and ESF. Learn more here.

Read the full article here.