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Pensoft’s blog presents the TRANSPATH project

07 Jun 2023

Last month, project partner and leader of the work package “Dissemination, outreach and catalysing transformative pathways” - Pensoft Publishers, featured TRANSPATH on its blog!

The blog post, titled: “Transformative changes for biodiversity and climate protection: Pensoft partners with EU project TRANSPATH”, takes the readers through several key points:

  • Why TRANSPATH matters;
  • How the project will contribute to a better world;
  • What tasks are to be completed in the upcoming future;
  • Who will drive the transformative changes within the project.

Pensoft is a globally recognised academic publishing company that has gained fame for its innovative and advanced tools, processes, and approaches to publishing journals, books, and conference materials. The company's Research and Technical Development department actively participates in diverse research and technology initiatives. Additionally, Pensoft offers services in website design and development, constructing integrated publishing platforms, and facilitating science communication. As a leader of WP5, Pensoft is responsible for providing a dissemination and communication strategy, as well as taking care of the project branding and website. In addition, the Pensoft team is to organise joint activities with other projects or initiatives on transformative change and related topics. Learn more about Pensoft here.

Read the full blog post here.