TRANSPATH members participate in a dialogue on transformative change

05 Dec 2023

On 16 October 2023, TRANSPATH coordinators Prof. Francisco Alpízar and Dr. Jeanne Nel of Wageningen University & Research participated in the dialogue session: “Transformative change: idealistic utopia or the only way to go?”.

Together with Verina Ingram, Associate professor and Forest and Nature Conservation Policy & Senior researcher WEcR (WUR), the TRANSPATH members discussed what transformative change is needed to halt biodiversity loss and promote regeneration.

The event is part of the initiative “Bringing Society into Science – Dialogues Series”, led by the Social Sciences Group (SSG) at WUR and is meant to be an interactive and inter-intra-disciplinary dialogue space, to promote collaboration and find answers together for today’s big societal challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, inequalities in prosperity and health.

These challenges result from our way of life, our use of the earth and the logic of societal and economic structures. Our global society holds the keys to finding answers to these major challenges, and within WUR the Social Sciences Group has a central role to play in close interaction with other science groups and key stakeholders.