Webinar 'Transforming Finance for Biodiversity and Climate Change'

27 Apr 2024

Webinar Recap: 'Transforming Finance for Biodiversity and Climate Change'

On the 26th of April, 2024, from 11:00 to 12:00 CEST, TRANSPATH hosted an enlightening webinar on 'Transforming Finance for Biodiversity and Climate Change'. Organized in close collaboration with the EU Business & Biodiversity Platform, this event highlighted the pivotal role of the financial sector in fostering a biodiverse, climate-resilient, and equitable future.

Key Discussions and Insights

The webinar underscored the importance of the financial sector in shaping sustainable futures by addressing nature-related risks within corporate investments and portfolios. Participants explored various strategies to mitigate the sector's vulnerability to environmental degradation, promoting long-term stability and growth.

The key discussions and insights from the webinar included:

- Strengthening Sector Efforts: We examined strategies to enhance the financial sector's capacity to tackle nature-related risks, ensuring more resilient investments. 

- Enabling EU Policy Environment: The webinar provided an in-depth look at the current EU policies that support the transformation of finance to better align with biodiversity and climate action goals. Speakers highlighted policy frameworks and initiatives that are paving the way for more sustainable financial practices.

- Role of Regulators and Standards: A significant portion of the discussion focused on the importance of EU and national financial regulators and standard-setting organizations in adopting and promoting nature-related disclosure frameworks. These frameworks are essential for encouraging businesses and financial institutions to report on and address evolving nature-related risks effectively.

- Sustaining Long-term Change: The need for additional actions and initiatives to sustain and amplify these efforts was a major theme.

Audience Engagement

The webinar attracted a diverse audience of professionals from the financial sector, policymakers, environmentalists, and stakeholders interested in the intersection of finance, biodiversity, and climate change. The interactive Q&A session provided a platform for attendees to engage with experts, ask pertinent questions, and exchange ideas on driving positive environmental change through finance.

Looking Forward

The success of this webinar highlights the growing recognition of the financial sector's role in addressing biodiversity and climate change. As we move forward, the insights and strategies discussed will serve as a foundation for continued efforts to transform finance, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for all.

We thank all participants and collaborators for their contributions to this important conversation. Together, we are making strides towards safeguarding our planet and securing a sustainable future for generations to come. 

The report and video from the webinar will be available soon.